Reitsport Spezial – Select Items for Horse and Rider

We offer a large selection of bitless bridles. The Colombian bosal is particularly popular.
The training of horses in groundwork is of ever-increasing importance. You can find these products under the menu item Groundwork & Longeing. We have horse headgear for all equestrian sports.
Biothane and Biotack, the alternatives to leather, are available in a host of great colors.
Where bits are concerned, the models from Bomber and Beris have been the choice of many an ambitious hobby equestrians and professional rider. High quality saddles and saddle underlays provide the highest level of comfort for horse and rider. Naturally, we also have the care products that are needed almost daily. Any horse enthusiast will find something in our lineup.

We are constantly expanding our offerings.
Should you have special requests, please let us know and we will be happy to be of service.


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15,95 € *
79,75 € per 1 l
Remosol Color

Remosol Color

17,50 € *
116,67 € per 1 l